A Look Inside to Home Staging

h7Many homeowners ask themselves: is hiring a stager worth it? Well, studies show that unstaged homes sit on the market 90 days longer than staged homes. Hiring a professional stagers is absolutely worth it. Staged homes receive their first offers approximately 30 days after being staged.

Here are some reasons that homeowners do not hire professional home stagers:

They think they can’t afford it
They think there is no need for one, as they believe their home is already decorated beautifully
They think buyers can look past flaws
Their previous home was unstaged, and it sold
They don’t want to invest money into a home they are selling
They think an empty home will make the space appear larger

Which projects are good to DIY?

Projects that are good DIY are usually painting, minor electrical work, and updating light fixtures. Many of the projects can be executed without professionals. One thing a homeowner can do on his/her own is to be sure the yard is cleaned up, in order to achieve excellent curb appeal. These things are often simple things, like sweeping, raking, mowing and adding some colorful plants and flowers. Projects that should be left to professionals are projects that require roofing work, and foundation issues. painting

How often does a home need it staged in entirety versus focusing on particular rooms?

A buyer will decided within 15 seconds of being introduced to a property whether or not he or she has continued interest in seeing the house. They know immediately if the house could be a good fit for them based on their first impression. Usually it consists of the living room, dining area, and kitchen. These are the most important and lived-in rooms of a home, where a homeowner will spend most of his/her time. If there are other rooms that offer any type of challenge with size, shape, layout, unique architectural details, these rooms should likely be staged as well.  Buyers have trouble visualizing how their furniture will look in the spaces. 48-Home-Staging-bedroom-atlanta

What is the main mistake homeowners make when trying to stage the house themselves?

The largest mistake overall that homeowners tend to make when attempting to stage on their own is that they are too attached to the space itself. Because it is their own style, it is hard for them to remain objective. The issue is that it has to appeal to the buyer. Thus the home needs to be marketed to appeal to them, not the homeowner. As the seller has lived in the home for a long time, they are used to the home and its imperfections, and have gotten over those flaws. They have to think like a buyer and most homeowners can’t do that because it’s too personal.

Which projects provide the best return of investment?

The best, easiest and least expensive home improvement project a homeowner can do would include new paint, updated lighting fixtures, fans, and new hardware. This is to make the home appear ‘fresh,’ as opposed to dated. By updating aesthetics. Any money spent on kitchens and baths always warrant a return on investment. Kitchens sell homes. Decisions to buy a home are still made on the look, function and feel of the kitchen. With that said, baths that are clean, updated, functional and modern will appeal to all buyers.

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  1. Home staging is so important. It is proven that staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes. Yes, it’s annoying, but its a fact. And it won’t kill anyone to rearrange the furniture, buy some flowers, or new throw pillows. You don’t need to spend $100K on the ordeal. Just make it look nice!

  2. Completely agree. A few years ago went I went house shopping, I was shocked at the number of sellers who’s house was a wreck. One girl had her laundry everywhere. I mean..it made me think, “does she really care about selling her house?”

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